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The Erasmus Orchestra was created in 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme, under the initiative of the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency INDIRE.

The Erasmus Orchestra is the first and unique musical ensemble made up of students of European Conservatoires and Music institutes that participated or are taking part in an Erasmus international mobility experience.


The Erasmus Orchestra holds a symbolic meaning and aims to spread the values of the “Erasmus Generation” – open, dynamic, and supportive – and those of Europe, utilizing music as a metaphor for integration, encounter, and the development of skills beyond any linguistic, geographical, or cultural barriers.

The Orchestra also aims to promote the numerous training and mobility opportunities offered by Erasmus+ for students in the sector of Higher Education for Art, Music and Dance.

The initiative also intends to contribute to enhancing the talents and excellence of European Conservatories and Music institutes by fostering collaborations and partnerships that provide internationalization opportunities and professional experiences for young musicians.

Results and further improvements

Since its debut in 2017 at the Festival of Europe in Florence, the performances of the Erasmus Orchestra have obtained great success of audience and interest from media and institutions, beyond national level. This has led the INDIRE’s Erasmus+ Italian National Agency to invest further in the future of the project.

Through the Orchestra, the Agency aims to contribute to enhancing talents and excellences of European conservatories and music institutes, by developing collaborations and partnerships to offer young professionals a unique opportunity to showcase their talent, providing a valuable chance for young musicians’ professional career, with public international performances.

In 2023, a new call for applications was launched for the reconstitution of the ensemble for 2024/2025. The project expanded to include students from Conservatoires across all Erasmus+ countries, with over 220 students from 22 countries and 60 Conservatoires involved in the project.

For this new development, the Agency started an international collaboration with the European Association of Conservatoires – AEC.

Erasmus Orchestra in numbers

Next concerts

May 11th 2024Eufonica fair – Bologna (IT)

Erasmus Orchestra ensemble performance. STUDENTS SELECTION COMPLETED.
Selected students (pdf)

May 15th 2024European Student Card Initiative (ESCI) Day Italy – Perugia (IT)

Erasmus Orchestra ensemble performance. STUDENTS SELECTION COMPLETED.
Participation under invitation
Selected students (pdf)

September 6th 2024Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinator AEC – RIAM, Dublin (IR)

More info about the concert soon. STUDENTS SELECTION IN PROGRESS.

Past concerts

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April 4th 2024 | “PEACE” International Erasmus+ Conference / Erasmus Generation Meeting – Fibes, Seville (ES)

>> Selected students (pdf)

March 20th 2024 | Didacta Italia Fair opening – Teatro Niccolini, Florence (IT)
The Erasmus Orchestra performed at the inaugural concert of Didacta Italy Fair, the most important educational fair in Italy.
>> Selected students for this concert (pdf)

January 31, 2024 | Official Commemoration Ceremony for Jacques Delors of the European Commission | Berlaymont Building, Brussels (BE)

A selection of students from the Erasmus Orchestra performed during the official commemoration event for President Jacques Delors organized by the European Commission, at the presence of President Ursula von der Leyen and high representatives from the Member States and the European institutions.
>> Selected students for this concert (pdf)

6 September 2023 // Young Sparks Symposium TCA, Perugia (IT)

The Orchestra performed in concert in Perugia, at the Auditorium of San Francesco al Prato, for the international conference Erasmus+ TCA “Young Sparks Symposium”.

6 May 2023 // Festival of Europe, Florence (IT)

The Erasmus Orchestra came back to Florence to perform in occasion of the initiative aimed at promoting European values and opportunities organized by the City of Florence, Tuscan Region, European University Insitute and INDIRE.

7 March 2023 // Inauguration of Didacta Italia Fair, Florence (IT)

The Erasmus Orchestra performed for the opening of Fiera Didacta Italia 2023. The evening took place on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at the Salone dei Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.

30 January – 2 February 2023 // “Study in Sicily” Egyptian tour (Egypt)

The Erasmus Orchestra, with the participation of students from the Conservatories of Sicily and the Conservatory of Cairo, held a series of special concerts in Egypt from 30 January to 2 February 2023, scheduled in Luxor, Cairo and Alexandria. The initiative took place within the “Study in Sicily” project, which sees INDIRE, the Sicilian Region and the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo among the promoters.

19 December, 2022 // Sala Scarlatti, San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, Naples (IT)

The Erasmus Orchestra performed on the sidelines of the international seminar “P.E.A.C.E. Erasmus+ contribution to European civic participation”.

19 May, 2022 // Florence | Salone dei Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio (IT)

The concert inaugurated the fifth edition of Fiera Didacta Italia.

10 May, 2022 // Florence | Verdi Theater (IT)

“Europe becomes music…Happy birthday Erasmus!”. The Erasmus Orchestra celebrates the Program’s 35th anniversary with a free concert at the Teatro Verdi in Florence as part of the Festival D’Europa. The event is organized in collaboration with the “L. Cherubini” in Florence.

15 December, 2021 // Florence | Niccolini Theatre (IT)

“Once upon a time… in Europe”. The Erasmus Orchestra in concert at the Teatro Niccolini in Florence for the launch of the new seven-year Erasmus+ (2021 – 2027) with a tribute to the music of Maestro Ennio Morricone.

28 January, 2020 // Brussels | Free University of Brussels (BE)

The Erasmus Orchestra performed on the sidelines of the meeting ‘Co-creating Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps’ on 28 January at 18 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The meeting was organized by the European Commission – DG Education and Culture and saw the participation of the stakeholders of the program and high representatives of the EU institutions.

5 December 2019 // Rome | Music Park Auditorium (IT)

The concert, scheduled at the Auditorium Parco della Musica (Sala Petrassi), was organized by the Erasmus+ national agency Indire on the occasion of the Indire Small Schools Week. In addition to classical music pieces, the Orchestra also performed pieces from the Christmas and crossover repertoire for the first time.

8 October 2019 // Didacta Fair opening, Florence | Salone dei Cinquecento (IT)
The concert inaugurated the third edition of Didacta Fair Italy 2019

8 May 2019 // Festival of Europe, Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, Florence (IT)
The concert was held within the programme of the Festival of Europe 2019.

17 October 2018 // Teatro della Compagnia, Florence (opening of Didacta Fair Italy) (IT)
The concert inaugurated the second edition of Didacta Fair Italy.

28 September 2018 // Culture of legality in Europe, Valley of the Temples, Agrigento (IT)
The concert was held in the area of the Temple of Juno, inside the Valley of the Temples archaeological Park.

8 May 2018 // Concert for Europe, Brancaccio Theatre, Rome (IT)
The concert opened the “Erasmus, what’s next?” Conference of the States General of the Erasmus Generation.

13 October 2017 // Erasmus Days, University of Strasbourg, France (FR)
The concert was held on the campus of the University of Strasbourg, as part of the official celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, organised by the French National Erasmus+ Agency.

26 Sept. 2017 // Inauguration of Didacta Fair Italy, Salone dei Cinquecento, Florence (IT)
The performance opened the first edition of Didacta Fair Italy one of the main national events dedicate to the school world.

9 May 2017 // Conference “Erasmus and the future of Europe”, Salone dei Cinquecento, Florence (IT)
The concert ended the event included in the programme of national celebrations for the 30 years of Erasmus.

7 May 2017 // Celebration of 30 years of Erasmus, Festival of Europe, Teatro della Compagnia, Florence (IT)
The concert opened the Festival of Europe in Florence and was dedicated to the 13 Erasmus students who were victims of a road accident in Spain in March 2016.


How to participate

The staff of the Erasmus Orchestra is selected through periodic public tenders addressed to Conservatories and Music Institutes, which can participate by communicating students who have lived or are living an Erasmus mobility experience. The current call lists are published on the INDIRE website.


For more info and collaboration requests:

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Main partner

Conservatoires/Institutes partners

Friedrich Gulda School of Music Wien (Austria)
KUG – Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria)
MDW – University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (Austria)
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (Belgium)
Royal Conservatory of Liège (Belgium)
Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Music (Finland)
Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Georgia)
Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavik (Iceland)
RIAM – Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin (Ireland)
Antonio Buzzolla Music Conservatoire, Adria (Italy)
Antonio Vivaldi Music Conservatoire, Alessandria (Italy)
Domenico Cimarosa Music Conservatoire, Avellino (Italy)
Niccolò Piccinni Music Conservatoire, Bari (Italy)
Nicola Sala Music Conservatoire, Benevento (Italy)
Giovan Battista Martini Music Conservatoire, Bologna (Italy)
Luca Marenzio Music Conservatoire, Brescia (Italy)
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Music Conservatoire, Cagliari (Italy)
Vincenzo Bellini Music Conservatoire, Caltanissetta (Italy)
Lorenzo Perosi Music Conservatoire, Campobasso (Italy)
Stanislao Giacomantonio Music Conservatoire, Cosenza (Italy)
Giorgio Federico Ghedini Music Conservatoire, Cuneo (Italy)
Luigi Cherubini Music Conservatoire, Firenze (Italy)
Licinio Refice Music Conservatoire, Frosinone (Italy)
Alfredo Casella Music Conservatoire, L’Aquila (Italy)
Giacomo Puccini Music Conservatoire, La Spezia (Italy)
Pietro Mascagni Music Conservatoire, Livorno (Italy)
Luigi Boccherini Music Conservatoire, Lucca (Italy)
Egidio Romualdo Duni Music Conservatoire, Matera (Italy)
Arcangelo Corelli Music Conservatoire, Messina (Italy)
Giuseppe Verdi Music Conservatoire, Milano (Italy)
Vecchi Tonelli Music Conservatoire, Modena (Italy)
Nino Rota Music Conservatoire, Monopoli (Italy)
San Pietro a Majella Music Conservatoire, Napoli (Italy)
Alessandro Scarlatti Music Conservatoire, Palermo (Italy)
Arrigo Boito Music Conservatoire, Parma (Italy)
Francesco Morlacchi Music Conservatoire, Perugia (Italy)
Giuseppe Nicolini Music Conservatoire, Piacenza (Italy)
Francesco Cilea Music Conservatoire, Reggio Calabria (Italy)
Arturo Toscanini Music Conservatoire, Ribera (Italy)
Santa Cecilia Music Conservatoire, Roma (Italy)
Giuseppe Martucci Music Conservatoire, Salerno (Italy)
Rinaldo Franci Music Conservatoire, Siena (Italy)
Gaetano Braga Music Institute, Teramo (Italy)
Antonio Scontrino Music Conservatoire, Trapani (Italy)
Giuseppe Tartini Music Conservatoire, Trieste (Italy)
Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco Music Conservatoire, Verona (Italy)
Arrigo Pedrollo Music Conservatoire, Vicenza (Italy)
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius (Lithuania)
Fontys University of Applied Sciences – School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg (Netherlands)
Alcázar-Criptana Music Conservatoire, Campo de Criptana (Spain)
Cartagena Music Conservatoire (Spain)
Bonifacio Gil Music Conservatoire, Badajoz (Spain)
Musikene – País Vasco Music Institute, Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain)
Victoria de los Ángeles Music Conservatoire, Madrid (Spain)
Manuel Carra Music Conservatoire, Málaga (Spain)
Manuel Massotti Littel Music Conservatoire, Murcia (Spain)
Eduardo Martínez Torner Music Conservatoire, Oviedo (Spain)
CSMN – Navarra Music Conservatoire, Pamplona (Spain)
CSMA – Aragón Music Conservatoire, Zaragoza (Spain)
Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, Kyiv (Ukraine)